FUTUREBIRDS is a fast moving film about controversial and future predictions on our environment and species. The specific ideology reflected in this film is not linked to any direct events, but rather is the sum of realities perceived by an infected bird. Short interpretation by Beck Chung of “FUTUREBIRDS” on Creators project. Concept / Animation / Art direction – Gero Doll Music & Sounddesign Olivier Girardot More info here on Future Apocalypse: Inside Gero Doll’s Sci-Fi Short ‘FUTUREBIRDS’ [flex_image...


Heand(H)andSoul – A subconscious experience of relevant inner events.

The neurological alignment of the subconscious mind. This is a work in Progress of a film and an interactive experience that will reflect notions of the current state of a human being. It is also a speculation on fragments on the nature of birth and death. It is a journey into exploring the subconscious mind in particular and the profound link between dreams and the waking state. The film, as the interactive experience, also reflects human conflicts with its roots in personal and partner relations. Furthermore the experience also reveals core motives and interpretations of today's global conflicts and challenges humans have, when facing the environment, other nations and religions. The “Headhand” will be a central element in...


~ Broken Mirror ~

Rejected Project originally for Sleek Fashion / Art Magazine. Original Photos by Till Janz. Concept, Art Direction, 3D/CGI, Rendering - Gero Doll  AKA – Limbicnation. The Images resemble distorted perceptions of the altered ego. More to come from the broke Mirror. Behance  ...


Poster series – 2014

Art Prints available at my online store - STORE   ...


Advanced Truth

Advanced truth - Synopsis Advanced Truth is a Film depicting “The Nature of Things” - visualizing the subconscious world of imagination, meta imagery and using this “unpredictability” and “accidents” as a metaphor for the internet. Things that seem unreal and utterly uncanny. However, resonating with many of us by stimulating the limbic system of ancient fears and emotions of the “human animal”. This imagination is revealed by the possibility of today’s revolutionizing computer technology and software. More important, is the Code the, “Driving Force” behind these software. Maybe a sort of universal code if you will... This “code” was also used in a metaphorical sense in the film, by triggering an capturing generative motion. The main concept behind the film “Advanced Truth”...



Buzzard Synopsis Buzzard is an short Character Driven Animation, inspired by Video Game Characters. The Main Character “Buzzard” runs through an chaotic Landscape, accompanied by bizarre and mostly ugly stupid characters. ENJOY :D Visuals: Gero Doll Music: Olivier Girardot Some Original 3D models from EXTW by David Oreilly. davidoreilly.com/downloads/ Altered and remixed by Gero Doll....



Plasma is an self initiative hypnotic black and white Art video. Unfortunately not suitable for the epileptic. Visuals and Sound by Gero Doll Check out my soundcloud: soundcloud.com/limbicsounds-1...


Aleph Fourth – way

  Experimental Art Music Video created for the Siberian Artist "Aleph" Represented by the Canadian Record Label King deluxe.     Video by Gero Doll http://www.limbicnation.com Music by Aleph http://kingdeluxe.ca/aleph   For more info... http://kingdeluxe.ca/fourth-way  ...

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