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🐝 The_Sunflowers_and_the_Bees 🐝🍯


I like sunflowers, and I like to watch bees.

There is something very special about sunflowers and bees, and I like to see them. I like to think that if we had the technology and tools to observe them, we would be amazed at the dance of these tiny animals. 🐝

Visuals: Limbicnation

Music: Metamorphosis
Artist:Quincas Moreira

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It is early days, but could these new digital assets be a subject of a brighter future? The question is, what value do these digital assets hold?
I might argue that it is the imminent signature and transaction linked into one gigantic network that evaluates and stores data of the specific value at the given time..



Link to cryptoart


“Illusion”, was an experimentation and metaphor to depict digital currencies like Bitcoin (BTC) And Ethereum (ETH) linked with machine learning.
In this surreal film, I would like to show the potential of digital assets and machine learning algorithms to generate unique digital items (NFT) NFT’s might change the digital art market and are already doing so,
by kickstarting it into wider range of acceptance as a true artform. As we know, the machine needs to be programmed in the very first stages. The initiator has the script to direct the machine.
From that point onwards, every other step is based on the algorithm. Each prediction is based on a previous assumption. This makes the process volatile and this is the case with Crypto Assets as well.
How knows what the outcome will be? It is a building site if you will and it will be determined by the community, or by the people at large. Cryptoart has proven to be a true store of value in terms of digital art and paths the way towards a new digital economy in the artworld!



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“The Altering of Reality” and CovidMasks

Masks and machines are older than we think. There is a specific obscurity about them. Mythologically the fascination of a mask has accompanied humanity since the dawn of Time. Neolithic stone age masks date back to 9000 years! The film CovidMasks depicts a psychotic state of a perception through an unaffected being. The point of view determines the absurdity of a deprecated perception as a collective whole. “The collective” whole’s delusion of reality would define this specific state of perception more precisely. Something as powerful as a mask and a machine combined however, could trigger an even more futuristic concept of the fusion of man and machine. This video clearly depicts a dystopian outcome of a “cyborg human” fully dominated by the machine entity. The AI Fusion – Quantum – Computer!

The moral.

In a future, where the mask does not reveal or permit emotion, it would hide a significant anchor reference of how the character is perceived and of how it is being evaluated. Veracity lacks! On a cognitive scale this would be a violation, the alteration and corruption of reality! In consequence, this possible outcome would result in the complete loss of empathy in either side of the character, that is to say, if machines will ever reach the intelligence of becoming sentient! For this to happen, the host in this case the “biological agent” would require  “the carbon based and organic life forms” to merge with and to ultimately gain complete control over it!

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Wish For More

As half of West Coast cloud rap duo Blue Sky Black Death, Kingston already has a wealth of musical experience. Today, he arrives with a new sound and new experience in his side project he’s calling 88 Ultra. Collaborating with Seattle producer No Merci, “Wish For More” finds Kingston shooting a soothing dose of deep space shoegaze and glacial electronics, melding both into a foundation where instrumental and cinematic elements collide. Shot by Seattle-based director Stephan Gray while in Santiago, Chile, the video was inspired by the song’s title, employing in the idea that people always want more regardless their socio-economic standing. The video’s wide scope shots are met with warped animation courtesy of Berlin-based Gero Doll and produced by Brooklyn-based dreambear.






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FUTUREBIRDS is a fast moving film about controversial and future predictions on our environment and species. The specific ideology reflected in this film is not linked to any direct events, but rather is the sum of realities perceived by an infected bird.

Short interpretation by Beck Chung of “FUTUREBIRDS” on Creators project.

Concept / Animation / Art direction – Gero Doll

Music & Sounddesign Olivier Girardot

More info here on Future Apocalypse: Inside Gero Doll’s Sci-Fi Short ‘FUTUREBIRDS’


visuals @_limbicnation_
music @yuuutaendo









FUTURE FICTION merchandise available, including art prints, t-shirts and more t-shirts.




Zfish ZCopter VENUSANGELO Truth_v2 Truth Tree Shellfish SEESEETV RockPalmBush_v2 PileOfShit PepsiCanCola MoneyMoneyMoney McShell LookTurn Inverse IC_v2 HumanButt HappyClimateChange_V3 HappyClimateChange_V2 HappyClimateChange FUTUREBIRDS FutureBird_Virus FuctionUpdate FatFace_v2 EternalMoodVase DramaticTree_001 DogDuckyBark CuteBubble_BG CuteBubble CrabCoke ConciousHead COLALOOKTURN Caffeine ActuallyStupidV3 ActuallyStupidV2 ActuallyStupid

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Heand(H)andSoul – A subconscious experience of relevant inner events.

The neurological alignment of the subconscious mind.

This is a work in Progress of a film and an interactive experience that will reflect notions of the current state of a human being. It is also a speculation on fragments on the nature of birth and death. It is a journey into exploring the subconscious mind in particular and the profound link between dreams and the waking state.

The film, as the interactive experience, also reflects human conflicts with its roots in personal and partner relations. Furthermore the experience also reveals core motives and interpretations of today’s global conflicts and challenges humans have, when facing the environment, other nations and religions.

The “Headhand” will be a central element in the film as in the interactive experience. Depicting the correlation to what the Head (in this case the mind) and the Hand (the Tool executing the task) are capable of doing. War, for example, is the most definite proof in this case, however there is little to be done about it, since the hand is ultimately the slave of the head and will obey the orders dictated by the dominating head – the ego and beyond.

Dreams might play a “key role” in understanding and revealing the relationship of dreams to the waking state.

Love, for example, might appear as the strongest bond between cells. This becomes questioned as the character reveals inner fears, which result in troubled emotions towards the other, also largely dictated by dreams and subconscious events. This might sound like a frantic statement of a somewhat deluded character, but it is highly linked to the limbic system – (also known as the emotional centre of the human brain) which motivates these reactions from an ancient point of view. This is how I think dreams in particular might play a “key role” in understanding the relationship of the “dream state” to reality or more so to the “waking state”. In this sense dreams can manipulate the approach on perception and ultimately on reality too, which could also give us access on predicting certain notions of the future.

If a person is aware of the current state of consciousness and that of the dream, he or she is more likely to understand the profound link between dreams and reality.

Most of the time we are not conscious of our actions, as at night our minds become like radars and receive vast amounts of information transformed and interpreted by our minds into what we call dreams. This information is merely reflected in the video and interactive experience as in any art form I guess. However, this essay is not based on any scientific proof, besides a mere reflection and notion on a concept of what art is capable of revealing in the 21st century using new media art technology.


The Unity webplayer plug-in is needed for this experience, which you can get here

[unity src=”2719″]

For the full experience and Alpha test click here



Posters can be bought  ~ here ~




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DVD Opener for the IdN v21n6 Motion Exclusive edition

Contribution for the upcoming edition of Motion Exclusive in the v21n6 issue of IdN magazine.
More info here soon – idnworld.com/tv/



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Premium – Campaign FW14/15


Client: Premium Exhibitions

Creative Director: Lois Kainhuber

Art Director: Peter Großöhme

Illustrator : Sonja Marterner

DoP. Director Lois Kainhuber:

Motion Design: Gero Doll

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Montage – 2013

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Aleph Fourth – way


Experimental Art Music Video created for the Siberian Artist “Aleph”

Represented by the Canadian Record Label King deluxe.


Process_ Process_02 Process_03


Video by Gero Doll

Music by Aleph

For more info…


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Mercedes Citan Projection Mapping

Projection Mappimg for Mercedes Benz Citan at the Rai 2012 Amsterdam.
My Role: 3D Animation and Design.

Client: Mercedes Benz
Agency: Phocus Brand
Producer: Chris Lenz
Head of 3D: Chris Smallfield
Lead Animator and Designer: Alex Janke, Gero Doll
3D Artists: Gero Doll, Nico Uthe, Nico Kahmann, Jonas Dahl
Music: Michael Kadelbach

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Production: ACHT Frankfurt, Visual Catering
Client: Toshiba
Together with Matthias Winkelmann (Lead Designer) we realized this clip in a quite short production time of about 2 weeks. Art Direction by Julian F. Krueger.



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Self – initiated project.

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A short Animation about ….?

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Banque Populaire Youth

TVC for the 2011 Campaign of Banque Populaire in France.

Agency: Euro RSCG
Production Company: Stink Paris

Animation Company: Zeitguised

Animation and Design by Gero Doll, Matt Frodsham, Anton Woll Söder and Sven Hauth

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Pictoplasma Yeti Project


Originally inspired by the Pictoplasma “Yeti Project.”
This character comes storming out of the deepest valley…

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A story concerning pollution and the recklessness towards the environment.
This film forms part of my diploma thesis.

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Pixel Based Lifeforms

A short Animation about recycling…

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Twilight is a short Typography Film based on a poetic theme.
Shot with a Nikon D90 and a nikkor 18 – 105 lens.
The rest is done in AE and C4D.