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For the Retune Studio Visit i developed a VR experience for the Oculus Quest.
We explored the VR space on the Quest, as a result, we came up with a simple idea of interaction.
by exploring space, color and sound in an abstract environment, we have managed to create a lo fi but engaging experience.
Personally I think the VR has the potential to dissolve borders between art, games, technology and experience.


Creative director: Lois Kainhuber
Art and Code: Gero Doll
Graphic design / Art direction: Julia Parchimowicz

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Virtual Forest | VR experience



Designed to inform & influence Finnish policy makers, the “Virtual Forest” explores how current Forestry Management strategies are contributing towards climate breakdown. The 6 minute experience, led by the voice of Timo Vesala – Professor of Meteorology at the University of Helsinki, guides users through a hyper-real forest environment, combining verified science, creativity and domestic politics in one powerful story

I was commissioned by Neeeu Spaces GmbH as an Environment and 3D Artist.

“Virtual Forest” wurde entwickelt, im Bezug auf den Klimawandel und Globalen CO2 Ausstoß, um finnische politische Entscheidungsträger zu informieren und zu beeinflussen. Die 6-minütige Erfahrung, angeführt von der Stimme von Timo Vesala – Professor für Meteorologie an der Universität Helsinki, führt die Nutzer durch eine hyperreale Waldumgebung, die geprüfte Wissenschaft, Kreativität und Innenpolitik in einer kraftvollen Geschichte vereint.

Ich wurde im Auftrag von Neeeu Spaces GmbH Als 3D-Künstler angestellt und war verantwortlich für die Umsetzung der Umgebung in VR.



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For this project my role was to create an entirely real time VR experience in Unity 3D. The viewer is centered and experiencing an ever evolving environment – contemplating changes, physically and digitally.


Concept: Lois Kainhuber, Tim Stolzenburg, Olivier Fröhlich, Veith Michel Spatial Planning and Development: Tim Stolzenburg Art Direction: Lois Kainhuber Creative Producer: Veith Michel Motion Design: Nino Matthei, Jan Weber Unity coding and design: Gero Doll Compositing: Kevin Müller Sound Design: Olivier Fröhlich Live Visuals: Jan Weber Film Shooting “Anything, Anytime” Director: Lois Kainhuber 1st AD: Veith Michel 360° DOP: Kevin Müller Choreography: Jakob Yaw Dancer: Jakob Yaw, Joy Alpuerto Ritter, Georgina Leo Melody Hair, Make-up & Styling: Akira Knightley