IdN TV v22n1: Glitch – Gumming up the works or a glorious accident Featuring Gero Doll / BRDG / Ploomers / United Logotypes –

Gumming up the works or a glorious accident? A glitch, in computer-designer terms, is essentially a technological foul-up, but some creatives find the unintended outcome so visually attractive that they work it into the overall project. A serendipitous discovery, in other words. And thus has been born a whole new sub-genre of the art. We talk to four designers who have mastered the magic of making glitches in their videos work for them – and now they can’t live without them! Here they explain what it is about these happy accidents that make them so compelling.

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the is an updated and expanded version of the, an exhibition organized by Rachel Clarke and Claudia Hart. 2.0 includes the work of 51 post-digital media artists curated by Rachel Clarke and Claudia Hart now joined by Patrick Reynolds more. Full press release can be found here.



Tripoteca is the only itinerant international psychedelic film and art festival – that focuses around metaphysical matters, the expansion of consciousness and abstract aesthetics. It will make your brain melt and your soul grow. Gero Doll had the opportunity to screen “Gogga” at the festival, a film made in 2013. More info about the Festival can be found here.


 The works that will be on this show depict “the nature of things”. It is possible to visualize the subconscious world of imagination, Meta images, “unpredictability”, “accidents”, all as a metaphor of the internet, creating a relationship that stimulates the limbic system of old fears and emotions of the “human animal “. This imagination is revealed by the possibility of revolutionary technology and computer software. INTERVIEW.



















SpectrumCrush Zine [Issue 2]