Director / Animator: Gero DollMusic & Sound design: Olivier GirardotMastering: Jan Driver (excerpt) The film addresses the vast amount of negative impact in a society, based on capital and greed.The emphasis is on the reckless approach of capital corporations towards the environment, aiming to maximize profits. It is clear that constant growth is linked with imminent and predictable collapse, which in turn contributes to an ongoing circle of destruction and reconstruction..   In this scenario of climate war and the collapse of societies, a fictional Cyborg character witnesses these events which are linked to the reckless power of greed for oil and other natural resources. This in results in large scale conflict and world war, also involving nuclear weapons in the end. [su_highlight...


Virtual Forest | VR experience

UPDATE   Designed to inform & influence Finnish policy makers, the “Virtual Forest” explores how current Forestry Management strategies are contributing towards climate breakdown. The 6 minute experience, led by the voice of Timo Vesala - Professor of Meteorology at the University of Helsinki, guides users through a hyper-real forest environment, combining verified science, creativity and domestic politics in one powerful story I was commissioned by Neeeu Spaces GmbH as an Environment and 3D Artist. "Virtual Forest" wurde entwickelt, im Bezug auf den Klimawandel und Globalen CO2 Ausstoß, um finnische politische Entscheidungsträger zu informieren und zu beeinflussen. Die 6-minütige Erfahrung, angeführt von der Stimme von Timo Vesala – Professor für Meteorologie an der Universität Helsinki, führt die Nutzer durch eine hyperreale Waldumgebung, die geprüfte Wissenschaft, Kreativität und Innenpolitik in einer kraftvollen Geschichte vereint. Ich wurde im Auftrag von Neeeu Spaces GmbH Als 3D-Künstler angestellt und war verantwortlich für die Umsetzung der Umgebung in VR. [su_slider source="media: 4439,4437,4436,4435" limit="4"...



Superstition and Magic. The Occult. How people around the world and especially in Africa relate to this old and malicious superstition throughout human history. Death is the indirect inverse of war. The film reveals the subconscious of an eminent struggle, of life and death. It reveals a metaphysical world of fractured memories, dreams hidden deep from what our...


SANDBOXDAYDREAM |Poster Series 2015

Art poster for my upcoming aRT gAME | SANDBOXDAYDREAM ...


Wish For More

As half of West Coast cloud rap duo Blue Sky Black Death, Kingston already has a wealth of musical experience. Today, he arrives with a new sound and new experience in his side project he's calling 88 Ultra. Collaborating with Seattle producer No Merci, "Wish For More" finds Kingston shooting a soothing dose of deep space shoegaze and glacial electronics, melding both into a foundation where instrumental and cinematic elements collide. Shot by Seattle-based director Stephan Gray


Poster Series 2015

Apocalyptic cartoons a rigid and bizarre imitation of of severely neglected characters. ...



FUTUREBIRDS is a fast moving film about controversial and future predictions on our environment and species. The specific ideology reflected in this film is not linked to any direct events, but rather is the sum of realities perceived by an infected bird. Short interpretation by Beck Chung of “FUTUREBIRDS” on Creators project. Concept / Animation / Art direction – Gero Doll Music & Sounddesign Olivier Girardot More info here on Future Apocalypse: Inside Gero Doll’s Sci-Fi Short ‘FUTUREBIRDS’ ...


Advanced Truth

      Advanced truth - Synopsis Advanced Truth is a Film depicting “The Nature of Things” - visualizing the subconscious world of imagination, meta imagery and using this “unpredictability” and “accidents” as a metaphor for the internet. Things that seem unreal and utterly uncanny. However, resonating with many of us by stimulating the limbic system of ancient fears and emotions of the “human animal”. This imagination is revealed by the possibility of today’s revolutionizing computer technology and software. More important, is the Code the, “Driving Force” behind these software. Maybe a sort of universal code if you will... This “code” was also used in a metaphorical sense in the film, by triggering an capturing generative motion. The main concept behind the film “Advanced Truth” is to use the 3D environment of an application and to film the animated objects and events as...

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