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VULCAN Feature 4


Director / Animator: Gero DollMusic & Sound design: Olivier GirardotMastering: Jan Driver (excerpt) The film addresses the vast amount of negative impact in a society, based on capital and greed.The emphasis is on the reckless approach of capital corporations towards the environment, aiming to maximize profits. It is clear that constant growth is linked with imminent and predictable collapse, which in turn contributes to an ongoing circle of destruction and reconstruction..   In this scenario of climate war and the collapse of societies, a fictional Cyborg character witnesses these events which are linked to the reckless power of greed for oil and other natural resources. This in results in large scale conflict and world war, also involving nuclear weapons in the end. In return,...

HumanEye FeatureImage 2


Superstition and Magic. The Occult. How people around the world and especially in Africa relate to this old and malicious superstition throughout human history. Death is the indirect inverse of war. The film reveals the subconscious of an eminent struggle, of life and death. It reveals a metaphysical world of fractured memories, dreams hidden deep from what our senses can perceive. The film reveals the metaphysical world, which is believed to directly or indirectly affect reality, (or that what is perceived to be “real” and perceived by the human eye. The eye, as the viewer of all things, plays an important part in the film. It is the foreseer, much like the mind's eye...

Feature FutureBirds square v2


FUTUREBIRDS is a fast moving film about controversial and future predictions on our environment and species. The specific ideology reflected in this film is not linked to any direct events, but rather is the sum of realities perceived by an infected bird. Short interpretation by Beck Chung of “FUTUREBIRDS” on Creators project. Concept / Animation / Art direction – Gero Doll Music & Sounddesign Olivier Girardot More info here on Future Apocalypse: Inside Gero Doll’s Sci-Fi Short ‘FUTUREBIRDS’ ...

Feature AT square

Advanced Truth

      Advanced truth - Synopsis Advanced Truth is a Film depicting “The Nature of Things” - visualizing the subconscious world of imagination, meta imagery and using this “unpredictability” and “accidents” as a metaphor for the internet. Things that seem unreal and utterly uncanny. However, resonating with many of us by stimulating the limbic system of ancient fears and emotions of the “human animal”. This imagination is revealed by the possibility of today’s revolutionizing computer technology and software. More important, is the Code the, “Driving Force” behind these software. Maybe a sort of universal code if you will... This “code” was also used in a metaphorical sense in the film, by triggering an capturing generative motion. The main concept behind the film “Advanced Truth” is to use the 3D environment of an application and to film the animated objects and events as...

Feature HHS square

Heand(H)andSoul – A subconscious experience of relevant inner events.

The neurological alignment of the subconscious mind. This is a work in Progress of a film and an interactive experience that will reflect notions of the current state of a human being. It is also a speculation on fragments on the nature of birth and death. It is a journey into exploring the subconscious mind in particular and the profound link between dreams and the waking state. The film, as the interactive experience, also reflects human conflicts with its roots in personal and partner relations. Furthermore the experience also reveals core motives and interpretations of today's global conflicts and challenges humans have, when facing the environment, other nations and religions. The “Headhand” will be a central element in...

Feature Buzzard StaffPick


Buzzard Synopsis Buzzard is an short Character Driven Animation, inspired by Video Game Characters. The Main Character “Buzzard” runs through an chaotic Landscape, accompanied by bizarre and mostly ugly stupid characters. ENJOY :D Visuals: Gero Doll Music: Olivier Girardot Some Original 3D models from EXTW by David Oreilly. Altered and remixed by Gero Doll....

Feature Image Gogga2

Gogga – Experimental Music – Short

  Official Selection AFF Cannes.   ...

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A montage of mostly self - initiated and commercial projects I've worked on in the recent years ...

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Logan’s Run

  Logan's Run (making of the Art) from Gero Doll on Vimeo.     Produced at Coworking Space @ THANKS! Synopsis. Logan's Run is a Short experimental Music Animation I created in the past 3 Months. Initially the Idea was to create a film, depicting a Character that was lost in it's own subconsciousness. Story: The Main Character Logan, walks with handicapped motion in a lonely surreal environment, as she battles to survive... Non the less, this does not keep her from going on. Suddenly, strange creatures with jagged heads and marshmallow body’s creep up on her. At the same time crippled and manipulated spring heads attached to melting bodies go crazy. Robot like machines driving in circles and bumping into each other– A hallucinatory trip loaded with unexpected character animation. Suddenly at the end the “floating Clown”, peacefully and cheerfully floating through the calm thin breeze, interrupts...

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Mercedes Citan Projection Mapping

Projection Mappimg for Mercedes Benz Citan at the Rai 2012 Amsterdam. My Role: 3D Animation and Design. Client: Mercedes Benz Agency: Phocus Brand Producer: Chris Lenz Head of 3D: Chris Smallfield Lead Animator and Designer: Alex Janke, Gero Doll 3D Artists: Gero Doll, Nico Uthe, Nico Kahmann, Jonas Dahl Music: Michael Kadelbach...

MotionThumbnails Tokolosh Gif1


A story concerning pollution and the recklessness towards the environment. This film forms part of my diploma thesis....

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