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Spectrum-Analysis Sci-Fi shooter (Gameplay footage)

“A satanic AI is coming to take over the world, and the only hope for humanity lies in the AI’s creators.
The Doctor and Clara, who have already seen what happens when an AI becomes self-aware, know this to be true.”

Destroy this satanic ritual place!

Gameplay Footage for fast a shooter.

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Machine Head

The zombie machine head of the advertising world has been the subject of much criticism lately. The chief executive of the ad agency TBWA/Chiat\Day, Todd Scheidhar, has recently been fired after it was revealed that his agency had created a viral video for the Republican Party that was full of falsehoods and hate speech.

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“IdolWor$hip” is now for sale on Foundation

Resolution: 2048 x 2048 pixel at 25.000 FPS
Length: 8 s
Size 46.2 MB
Audio: 327 kb/s 48.0 kHz


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I am releasing a new Video artwork on Sedition. This piece was generated by an artificial intelligence neural network using StyleGan2. The piece was generated from a huge dataset of images of people wearing masks and some people wearing no masks. All the of the generated images are not real. I have made a 3D projection of the result onto an artificial 3D mask in the foreground. Enjoy!

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VirtualForest | Update

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Recent experiments on GAN (Generative Adversarial Network)

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AdversarialFace:O▼▲ #gan #aiart #limbicnation

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