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Heand(H)andSoul – A subconscious experience of relevant inner events.

The neurological alignment of the subconscious mind.

This is a work in Progress of a film and an interactive experience that will reflect notions of the current state of a human being. It is also a speculation on fragments on the nature of birth and death. It is a journey into exploring the subconscious mind in particular and the profound link between dreams and the waking state.

The film, as the interactive experience, also reflects human conflicts with its roots in personal and partner relations. Furthermore the experience also reveals core motives and interpretations of today’s global conflicts and challenges humans have, when facing the environment, other nations and religions.

The “Headhand” will be a central element in the film as in the interactive experience. Depicting the correlation to what the Head (in this case the mind) and the Hand (the Tool executing the task) are capable of doing. War, for example, is the most definite proof in this case, however there is little to be done about it, since the hand is ultimately the slave of the head and will obey the orders dictated by the dominating head – the ego and beyond.

Dreams might play a “key role” in understanding and revealing the relationship of dreams to the waking state.

Love, for example, might appear as the strongest bond between cells. This becomes questioned as the character reveals inner fears, which result in troubled emotions towards the other, also largely dictated by dreams and subconscious events. This might sound like a frantic statement of a somewhat deluded character, but it is highly linked to the limbic system – (also known as the emotional centre of the human brain) which motivates these reactions from an ancient point of view. This is how I think dreams in particular might play a “key role” in understanding the relationship of the “dream state” to reality or more so to the “waking state”. In this sense dreams can manipulate the approach on perception and ultimately on reality too, which could also give us access on predicting certain notions of the future.

If a person is aware of the current state of consciousness and that of the dream, he or she is more likely to understand the profound link between dreams and reality.

Most of the time we are not conscious of our actions, as at night our minds become like radars and receive vast amounts of information transformed and interpreted by our minds into what we call dreams. This information is merely reflected in the video and interactive experience as in any art form I guess. However, this essay is not based on any scientific proof, besides a mere reflection and notion on a concept of what art is capable of revealing in the 21st century using new media art technology.


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