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Get this gem 💎 "Polygon-geometries" collectible! #rarible #ethereum #nonfungible #digitalasset #nft #aiart #limbicnation via @rarible— Gero Doll (@Limbicnation) September 30, 2022


Beyond Heaven and Hell

This is a short video that shows how to create videos with generative AI models in a relatively short time. It's about heaven and hell. Demonic energies appear to be emanating from where they reside from within the earth. Evil shall be vanquished for eternity! Thanks to jpsaiart for providing information to the prompts! I have slightly modified them. I have tried to clone my voice to add the speech to the video, however it still does sound a robotic. :) I am running Disco Diffusion Model locally, with an Nvidia RTX 3090Ti Graphics card. For those how are interested I might try to do a tutorial on that. The Artwork is by Gero Doll | Limbicnation Music Track: Heaven and Hell (Part 2) Artist: Jeremy Blake YouTube Audio Library licence...


🐝 The_Sunflowers_and_the_Bees 🐝🍯

🐝🍯 I like sunflowers, and I like to watch bees. There is something very special about sunflowers and bees, and I like to see them. I like to think that if we had the technology and tools to observe them, we would be amazed at the dance of these tiny animals. 🐝 Visuals: Limbicnation Music: Metamorphosis Artist:Quincas Moreira...

Flow of AI

The Flow of (AI) 🤖💻

The Flow of (AI) 🤖💻 AI-assisted law firms will soon be ubiquitous. Visual: Limbicnation Music: Info: The Tower of Light - Beginnings (Intro) (no copyright music) Genre: Cinematic Mood: Dramatic...


NFT: CheckMateEGO

Rarible! NEW NFT | COLLECTIBLE | CHeckMateEgo | MINTED on February 13th 2021!   Get it while it's HOT 🔥🔥🔥 #rarible #ethereum #nonfungible #cryptoart #digitalasset #nft via @rariblecom — LIMBICNATION ART (@Limbicnation) February 13, 2021 ...

Illusion thumbnail


It is early days, but could these new digital assets be a subject of a brighter future? The question is, what value do these digital assets hold? I might argue that it is the imminent signature and transaction linked into one gigantic network that evaluates and stores data of the specific value at the given time..   Link to cryptoart   “Illusion”, was an experimentation and metaphor to depict digital currencies like Bitcoin (BTC) And Ethereum (ETH) linked with machine learning. In this surreal film, I would like to show the potential of digital assets and machine learning algorithms to generate unique digital items (NFT) NFT’s might change the digital art market and are already doing so, by kickstarting it into wider range of acceptance as a true artform. As we...



“The Altering of Reality” and CovidMasks Masks and machines are older than we think. There is a specific obscurity about them. Mythologically the fascination of a mask has accompanied humanity since the dawn of Time. Neolithic stone age masks date back to 9000 years! The film CovidMasks depicts a psychotic state of a perception through an unaffected being. The point of view determines the absurdity of a deprecated perception as a collective whole. “The collective” whole’s delusion of reality would define this specific state of perception more precisely. Something as powerful as a mask and a machine combined however, could trigger an even more futuristic concept of the fusion of man and machine. This video clearly depicts a dystopian outcome of a “cyborg human” fully dominated by the machine entity. The AI Fusion - Quantum – Computer!


Mauefall | AI | Stylegan

For the 30th Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, I developed 3 Video Art installation pieces together with Monomango Studio and Jens Wischnewsky. The Project was created using StyleGAN. The model was trained on a dataset of 50K + images. Furthermore you can read more about the machine-learning model here -> StyleGAN Paper Credits: Concept & Idea: Lois Kainhuber Visual Artist: Gero Doll Computer Scientist: Jens Wischnewsky Sound: Olivier Fröhlich KOENIG GALERIE ON INSTAGRAM...

Feature Retune 2019 rect2


For the Retune Studio Visit i developed a VR experience for the Oculus Quest. We explored the VR space on the Quest, as a result, we came up with a simple idea of interaction. by exploring space, color and sound in an abstract environment, we have managed to create a lo fi but engaging experience. Personally I think the VR has the potential to dissolve borders between art, games, technology and experience. Credits: Creative director: Lois Kainhuber Art and Code: Gero Doll Graphic design / Art direction: Julia Parchimowicz ...

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