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“The Altering of Reality” and CovidMasks

Masks and machines are older than we think. There is a specific obscurity about them. Mythologically the fascination of a mask has accompanied humanity since the dawn of Time. Neolithic stone age masks date back to 9000 years! The film CovidMasks depicts a psychotic state of a perception through an unaffected being. The point of view determines the absurdity of a deprecated perception as a collective whole. “The collective” whole’s delusion of reality would define this specific state of perception more precisely. Something as powerful as a mask and a machine combined however, could trigger an even more futuristic concept of the fusion of man and machine. This video clearly depicts a dystopian outcome of a “cyborg human” fully dominated by the machine entity. The AI Fusion – Quantum – Computer!

The moral of the story is that in a future where masks hide emotions, we lose a crucial anchor for evaluating and perceiving characters. This lack of veracity is a cognitive violation, altering and corrupting our sense of reality. As a result, this could lead to a complete loss of empathy on both sides of the character dynamic – that is, if machines ever reach the intelligence required to become sentient. However, for this to happen, the host (the biological agent) would need to merge with and ultimately gain control over the carbon-based and organic life forms.

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