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Director / Animator: Gero Doll
Music & Sound design: Olivier Girardot
Mastering: Jan Driver


The film addresses the vast amount of negative impact in a society, based on capital and greed.The emphasis is on the reckless approach of capital corporations towards the environment, aiming to maximize profits. It is clear that constant growth is linked with imminent and predictable collapse, which in turn contributes to an ongoing circle of destruction and reconstruction.. [/su_highlight]


In this scenario of climate war and the collapse of societies, a fictional Cyborg character witnesses these events which are linked to the reckless power of greed for oil and other natural resources. This in results in large scale conflict and world war, also involving nuclear weapons in the end.[/su_highlight]

In return, the living planet counteracts with extreme weather and natural disasters, like volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, drought and many unforeseen consequences. The film does not convey a particular story. Nor is it directly linked to reality. But the style and the images are projected in a coherent order, to evoke a notion of a cyber dystopian future staged in a Sci-Fi scene with a ticking time bomb until doomsday. A collapse / apocalypse humans could have avoided, but history has proven them wrong. A metaphorical nightmare, into the abyss of dark forces at work, which are hauntingly real in the world’s current state.[/su_highlight]

Some might argue that conspiracies are necessary to bring about change for the better. In its core, the film mostly addresses the concerning components of the destruction of the environment and civilisation in the 21st century: Nuclear war, followed by climate change and other disruptive modern technology, which the governments implement and use on societies. There are many more and this film was made merely from a subjective standpoint. A future that nobody would want to live in, even though these are only computer graphics and can be viewed from a “safe distance”. This is a relatively new medium and art form, more relevant in today’s societies and art galleries than ever before. The film acts as a subliminal warning. It’s for the character in the film to decide on how to start acting, or to re-live the nightmare over and over again.








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