For this project my role was to create an entirely real time VR experience in Unity 3D. The viewer is centered and experiencing an ever evolving environment – contemplating changes, physically and digitally.


Concept: Lois Kainhuber, Tim Stolzenburg, Olivier Fröhlich, Veith Michel Spatial Planning and Development: Tim Stolzenburg Art Direction: Lois Kainhuber Creative Producer: Veith Michel Motion Design: Nino Matthei, Jan Weber Unity coding and design: Gero Doll Compositing: Kevin Müller Sound Design: Olivier Fröhlich Live Visuals: Jan Weber Film Shooting “Anything, Anytime” Director: Lois Kainhuber 1st AD: Veith Michel 360° DOP: Kevin Müller Choreography: Jakob Yaw Dancer: Jakob Yaw, Joy Alpuerto Ritter, Georgina Leo Melody Hair, Make-up & Styling: Akira Knightley


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